Title: Voyagers
Genre: Adventure - Fantasy - Drama
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Release: Not Yet Decided
Synopsis: After thousands of years since the fabled Great War, peace and prosperity has shown it's face once more. The world, now a beacon of second chances, headway's on the path of unabridged reconciliation. Unified by a common cause, to repress the past from becoming the present. legend tells of a time when hope was nothing but a faded memory, swallowed by visions of utter darkness. Kingdoms fell, tyrants rose, and life once known well, became no more. Through the darkness came light, and a second chance was given. Humankind, now unified, rebuilt. Cultivated by the past, a new world was born and from the ashes arose peace. In the year 2996 PROS along the sea cliffs overlooking the port-side city of Skylight, a vast column of blinding light tears from the sky above. The questions now left to answer, could this event mark the return of the Voyagers? and if so, why?